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Closed workshops


Closed workshops are mainly directed to two staff groups. The first group constitute people who have no professional experience (i.e. graduates) and all employees who have it but did not work in the pharmaceutical industry and have no or little knowledge about specific GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements applying to manufacturing, testing and distribution of pharmaceuticals. The second group of participants constitute all staff from pharmaceutical companies. Workshops are for individual clients or conducted in small training groups, consisting of a maximum 4 to 6 participants.

Small groups enable each person to participate in workshops actively. It is important that we create the participant groups taking into consideration their level of knowledge, experience and the topics they are interested in. Therefore, the workshops are divided into Basic and Dedicated/ Special ones. Such a solution gives a sense of comfort to everyone. In a framework of workshops you will find presentations of particular topics and discussions, provided by a moderator, which are connected to solving and discussing general/ standard and particular cases for Basic and Dedicated/ Special Workshops, respectively.


In the frame of custom made services we offer workshops adapted in terms of the topic and framework to specific requirements and clients’ needs. In addition, case studies are tailored to the level of participants’ knowledge. In case, when you are especially interested in a particular issue or you want to improve knowledge, but you did not find the appropriate workshop in our offer, please Contact us through contact form, and send us your topic proposal, and we will make every efforts to meet your expectations.


Some of the training topics from the offer of Closed workshops:
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – initial and continuous training

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) – initial and continuous training

  • Validation and transfer of analytical methods

  • Dissolution test

  • Reference standards

  • Stability studies

  • Drug substances in the light of the ICH Q11 guideline

  • Process Validation in the light of the revised Annex 15 and FDA requirements

  • Genotoxic impurities in the light of the ICH M7 guideline

  • ATMPs – Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (presentation)

ASE Pharma Solutions


Closed workshops will be conducted at client premises or at any other convenient location.

We determine Closed workshops dates with each customer individually. We conduct Closed workshops on a date which suits you or your organization the best.

We ensure that all workshops are conducted by experienced experts and moderators.


Anytime, when you will identify your training needs or the training needs in your organisation, we invite you to cooperation!